Markets, Customers, and Business Partners

Markets, customers, and business partners are the strategic elements in the financing business. As a part of a lending market in the financial industry, the market of financing business is a very competitive market, since both banks and non-bank financial institutions offer similar and substitutive products. Therefore, the ability to choose and establish segments, targets, and positioning becomes very important. PT Armada Finance has mapped its market target, so it has focused on customers.

Served Market

Our goal is not to obtain the largest share of the market. Our interest is mainly to obtain the most profitable share of each market segment we serve. We believe the key to penetrating these markets is to enter the markets with superior, innovative, and personalized products, and to provide a high level of quality and customer service. Our markets are primarily micro, small as well as medium scale enterprises and families, and our objective is to achieve comparable penetration in every major geographical market in every region in Indonesia.


Customer satisfaction and delight, and thus our success, is critically dependent on our ability to deliver high-quality products and services. A high-quality product or service is one that is delivered and performs as promised.

High quality is not a static condition. It is susceptible to continuous improvement through systematic identification and elimination of causes of errors and variances, through development of improved systems and processes, and through education and training. Continuous improvement of quality leads not only to greater customer satisfaction and delight, but also to higher productivity and lower costs.

The concept of quality improvement is applicable to every area of the Company, including marketing, credit policy and investigation, customer service, finance and human resources, as well as equipment and working environments. Every employee should be committed to quality improvement and should be determined to “do it right the first time and do it better the next time”.


Satisfying and delighting our customers’ needs are fundamental to our survival and our prosperity. These needs can best be understood in terms of the support we lend our customers in helping them meet their goals and objectives with the optimum use of their own resources. Thus, our goals must be to provide superior, competitive, and personalized products that conform to their unique needs and offer innovative solutions to our customers’ problems. In so doing, we must work hard at understanding our customers’ businesses and families so that we may anticipate their needs and deliver the most suitable products and services to meet those needs. We wish to be a faithful partner to our customers and to establish long-lasting business relationships based on quality, integrity, and mutual benefit.

Business Partners

Our bankers and agents are business partners in our efforts to develop market share by fulfilling our customers’ needs. This requires that we be open and frank about our plans and requirements as they would affect our bankers and dealers. It also requires that we seek to understand the constraints placed upon our bankers and agents by their technology, cost structures, and financial resources. We place strong emphasis on associating with bankers and agents who are financially stable, competent, and honest and who are consistent in meeting in their supports, cooperation, and quality commitments to us.

Human Resource Development

Our employees’ personal motivation and interests are primarily related to ascending needs for security, safety, purpose, recognition, identity, and the realization of one’s full potential. Our corporate goals are thus best achieved in an environment that encourages and assists employees in the achievement of their personal goals, while helping the Company achieve its goals. We therefore seek to offer our employees a challenging and stable work environment where they can earn above average compensation for above average performance and contribution to the Company. It is our policy to offer unrestricted opportunity for personal advancement by giving them opportunities to lead and opportunity to make mistakes, grow, develop and test new ideas.

Our objective is to build mutual respect, confidence and trust in our personal relationships based upon commitments to integrity, honesty, openness and competence. Our policy is to share the Company’s success with people who make it possible.

Our personnel policies can be defined by way of five basic principles, namely:

  1. To provide the climate and resources that will enable all staffs to advance on merit as far as their talents and skills will take them, without regard to age, color, handicap, marital status, national origin, race, religion, sex, or veteran status;
  2. To offer pay and benefits that are fair and competitive;
  3. To make certain that ideas, concerns and problems are identified and that two-way communications is effectively maintained;
  4. To provide an environment that identifies, encourages, and rewards excellence, innovation, and quality customer service;
  5. To remember always that respect for human dignity is fundamental to our success.