Line of Business

Based on the business permit through the Decree of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia No. 554 / KMK.017 / 1994, PT Armada Finance can conduct some businesses as follows:

1. Leasing, namely financing activities by financing companies (lessor) in the form of providing capital goods both by way of Finance Lease and Operating Lease for use by tenants for business (lesee) for a certain period based on periodic payments.

2. Factoring, namely financing activities by finance companies in the form of short-term corporate purchases and / or bills from a company’s transactions from domestic and / or foreign trade transactions.

3. Consumer financing, namely financing activities by finance companies in the form of procurement of consumer goods with a payment system in installments by customers.

With this business license, PT Armada Finance can run a financing business both for productive and consumptive activities. However, the portion is more directed at used or new commercial cars to support small and medium business activities (SMEs) in developing their business activities. From the internal study, running this category of business has the smaller level of risk. With POJK 29/2015 reference, financing for business activities of customers, PT Armada Finance can provide investment and working capital as well as multipurpose financing in an attractive way of tenures.

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