Customer Information & Prospective Customers

This announcement was made as part of PT Armada Finance’s compliance to implement the provisions as regulated by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority, in Regulation No. 35/PJOK.05/2018 dated December 28, 2018 concerning ‘Conducting Business of Financing Companies‘.

Financing Agreement

Before signing the Financing Agreement:

Prospective as well as existing Customer must read and understand carefully the contents of the Financing Agreement and all its accompanying documents, which serves an integral part to the engagement between the Customer, as a borrower, and PT Armada Finance, as a creditor, in the provision of financing facilities.

How to Pay

Customer who has received financing from PT. Armada Finance is required to make installment payments in accordance with the due dates of each installment payment, as stated in the Financing Agreement. Each installment payment can be made in the following ways:

Bank transfer

Either through Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), Mobile Banking, SMS Banking or Teller

Account Auto-debit

Check and/Giro


Through Tellers at any Branch Office and Representative Office of PT Armada Finance.

Collector Officer

A billing fee will be charged in accordance with applicable regulations.


The Customer is required to make the installment payments only to the account under the name of PT Armada Finance, as appointed and specified at the time the Financing Agreement is entered by both parties. Any installment payment transferred to other accounts other than the account appointed by PT Armada Finance is the responsibility of the Customer.

The Customer is responsible to ensure that each installment payment is made before or no later than the due date of the installment as stated in the Financing Agreement.

In situations where the Customer makes cash installment payment at a Branch Office or a Representative Office of PT Armada Finance, and when the installment payment’s due date falls on a Sunday or a national holiday, the Customer is requested to pay on working days before that Sunday or national holiday(s).

The installment payments will be recorded after the funds become effective, received and the amount of installments are confirmed by PT Armada Finance.

Transfer fees charged by the Bank are the responsibility of the Customer.

If a fine is incurred, the payment of the fine is made in conjunction with the payment of installments.

Late Fee Calculation

Late fee(s) will arise and become charge(s) that must be paid by the Customers if:

  1. The Customer pays the installment past the due date agreed and determined in the Financial Agreement;
  2. The Customer pays the installment, but the value is less than the amount agreed and determined in the Financial Agreement.

The penalty for late installment payment is calculated at 0.003% (zero point three per mil) for each installment payment due, and for each day of late payment. The calculation is as followed: 0.003% x installment amount x number of days of delay.

Actions will be taken in accordance with applicable regulations, including the imposition of other costs incurred (if any), in relation to the Customers who are in arrears of installment payments.

Change in Customer Data

The Customer must inform PT Armada Finance for any change in contact details, including change of addresses, landline phones and mobile phones. Each change of address must be filled in completely with Street Number, Alley(Gang) (if any), Neighbourhood/Community Association (RT/RW), Village (Kelurahan), District (Kecamatan), Municipality (Kabupaten), and Postcode.

Transfer and Change of Financing Conditions

When a Customer has not paid off the financing received from PT Armada Finance, the Customer is not permitted to transfer collateral vehicle(s) either through sales, pawning, or credit pass to other parties, without written approval from PT Armada Finance.

The act of transferring the collateral vehicle(s) to another party without written approval from PT Armada Finance is a crime with the threat of imprisonment as regulated in the Fiduciary Security Act.


Every vehicle that is guaranteed for financing provided by PT Armada Finance is protected by the Fiduciary Guarantee Act Number 42 of 1999 concerning “Fiduciary Guarantee”.

This announcement is to be read and understood by each prospective Customer and each existing Customer who intends to enter into a Financing Agreement with PT Armada Finance.