Human Resources

Market, financing, funding, and human resources are regarded as the keys to financial business success. Although the number of human resources is necessary, it is not enough because of the quality of human resources from various dimensions: competence, character, and behavior that make up human resources as human capitals or as corporate assets. In terms of the number of employees of PT. Armada Finance, the total number of developments seen from the first year of operation 1995 to its peak in 2014. However, the decrease in business since 2013 had an impact on the decrease in the number of employees until the end of 2016. As of March 31, 2017, the number of employees increased again from 1,306 pax in 2016, to 1337 pax as of March 31, 2017. Here we show a graph of the number of employees of PT. Armada Finance:

Development of the Number of All Types of Employees

PT. Armada Finance


Education and training aimed at improving working performance and motivation in general are provided to all employees through internal training and through collaboration with external Resource Development Institutions that are carried out routinely and continuously. Internally conducted training includes:

  • Basic Education Program I (for new employees)
  • Basic Education Program II (continued new employees)

Training conducted with external parties includes:

  • Gloria Eduka-sindo (Yogyakarta)
  • Humanity Training & Consulting (Salatiga)
  • AIS Training & Consulting (Semarang)
  • Mark Plus (Jakarta)
  • Learnig Resources (Jakarta)
  • Prasetiya Mulya Business School (Jakarta)
  • Dale Carnegie (Surabaya)

Internal development is carried out by Directors and Regional Leaders routinely in Salatiga. This step shows that PT. Armada Finance is very serious in its efforts to develop human resources competencies, because we believe that employees are one of the valuable assets and the main business partner of the company.

Considering CIMO and Collectors as the front guard (fronliner) in creating a source of company revenue, in 2017, the focus of leadership development is focused on human resources coming from CIMO and Collectors. Here we submit the CIMO and Collector charts:

The addition of the CIMO category of human resources in the graph above reflects expansion efforts in 2017 as another expansion momentum, after having declined for about 4 years from 2013-2017, although in 2018 it experienced a slight decline.

This increase in the number of employees is accompanied by strengthening the leadership of the Branch Office – through regular quality distribution of funding meetings conducted by Branch Heads with employees in their respective environments. In addition, the Head Office provides training to improve leadership competencies in the framework of cadre training. Documentation for training can be seen in the Category: “Leadership Documentation”.